When the Flood Comes by Russell Boyd

Released: Aug 23, 2017 | ℗© 2017 Fruitless Barnyard

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About Russell

Russell Stephen Boyd was born in Houston, TX, raised in small-town East Texas, and has lived in the Austin area for over a decade. After learning to play guitar from friends as a teenager and plinking around on the piano, he went to Stephen F. Austin State University to major, uselessly, in Computer Information Systems and Radio/TV.

At age 21, he began playing acoustic guitar in bars and restaurants around Nacogdoches, TX, playing requests and original songs. This quickly progressed to playing around Texas and having enough shows each week to make a college students’ living. After graduating and moving to Austin in 2001, Russell met some piano players who taught him to actually play the piano and how a piano bar show is done. The militant training dumped him into doing shows within just a few months. Years of performing each night  and building a rapport with several talented drummers increased the quality a show that is still improving. The two shows Russell inherited from others led to an increased interest from other venues across the state and occasionally outside of Texas.

Russell currently lives in Round Rock with his wife Kathy, son Compton, daughter Cooper, dog Dwight, and bunny Minerva.  He enjoys reading, traveling, and writing and obsesses over video games and his iTunes collection.


Weekly Schedule

  • The Tap - College Station, TX

    Wed, 27 Sep @ 9 PM-Thu, 28 Sep @ 2 AM
    The Tap, 815 Harvey Rd, College Station, TX 77840, USA

    Age 18+ $5 cover

  • Private Event at The Tap

    Thu, 28 Sep
    The Tap

  • The Green Door - Temple, TX

    Fri, 29 Sep @ 10 PM-Sat, 30 Sep @ 2 AM
    Green Door On Second, 12 S 2nd St, Temple, TX 76501, USA

    Age 21+ $5 cover

  • Rockey's Piano Bar

    Sat, 30 Sep @ 9 PM-Sun, 1 Oct @ 1 AM
    Round Rock

    No Cover

September 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • The Green Door - Temple, TX
  • Moonshine and Ale
  • Rockey's Hurricane Relief
  • The Hollow
  • The Tap - College Station, TX
  • Backyard Bar, Grill, and Stage
  • The Green Door - Temple, TX
  • Brewster Street Icehouse - Corpus Christi, TX
  • The Tap - College Station, TX
  • Backyard Bar, Grill, and Stage
  • The Green Door - Temple, TX
  • 4.0 & Go on Northgate
  • Songwriter's For Hurricane Harvey at Firehouse Saloon
  • The Tap - College Station, TX
  • Backyard Bar, Grill, and Stage
  • The Green Door - Temple, TX
  • Piano in The Park
  • The Tap - College Station, TX
  • Private Event at The Tap
  • The Green Door - Temple, TX
  • Rockey's Piano Bar

Oh, I wrote the The Chorus Effect, you should read it.


Until recently, Chintz had been a relatively normal guy with a relatively normal cat. For example, neither he, nor his cat, had ever journeyed to a synthetic parallel universe. He had never encountered a teleporting baby or an emotionally mature computer. He could count on one hand the number of philosophical discussions he’d had with people holding multiple degrees in advanced physics. And thus far, his relationship with the voices in his head had been purely platonic.

Suddenly, Chintz finds himself working alongside a dysfunctional team of scientists and their astonishing creations, seeking answers to age-old questions — answers that could change our concept of humanity. Of course, that’s only if they can survive federal law enforcement, starvation, psychopathic figments of imagination, the hostile old man who lives across the street, and the end of the “known universe.”

Well, actually it’s the end of “a” universe, that “only some people know about.” But for Chintz, that may not be any better at all.

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“You would not believe how many people have told me that you stole the show at the reception! Thank you for the wonderful and memorable performance. If you ever need a recommendation or endorsement, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

— Chris & Amy Dunstan

“Everyone has just raved about you guys! Thank you for making our wedding so fun and amazing! We hope one day to have yall play for us again! Thank you to and mikey!”

— Susan Barry

“You and Mike were seriously awesome. Thank you so much for learning those songs for us, especially Marry Me. I had never heard it live before, and you did a beautiful job with it. It meant the world to both of us, and it made our first dance as wife and hubs extra special. The whole reception was awesome because of you … you guys rocked it. Thanks again for everything!! When are you guys going to be back at Brewster Street in Corpus?”

— Ashley Holt

“I have to tell you, I had such a GREAT time at the reception. I’m sure you hear all the time how talented you are…but talent and a gentle spirit are a GREAT combo. Meg felt very comfortable with you and it showed. I LOVED hearing Meg sing. Stage fright has kept her from singing much the last 8 years so to hear her ….even tho she didn’t have the music, really know the words or really being able to hear herself….I thought it was MARVELOUS. You made it so fun for her Russell and you have no idea how special that was for me. I just uploaded it to my facebook….beaming with joy I might add :)) ”

— Lindsey Tomko




Give this guy a drink and a topic and he will talk about it for as long as you like. His quips are not, however, for the faint of heart.

Growing up in Atlanta, Taxi began playing drums in junior high school. He toured the country for many years with Cadillac Voodoo Choir before moving to Austin. He has played drums and written songs in several bands since then, including Back Porch Mary, Ultrasonic, and Ameritrash, of which he is a founding member.

Taxi has been a staple in the Texas piano bar scene for the last 10 years. His ability to count to 4 for hours on end is unmatched. He is considered a legend within a three block radius of his house. Taxi is completely house trained and has had all of his shots. He likes to take long walks down dead end career paths and his mother says he is “very talented and relatively handsome.”

No, that is not a wig.



Danny grew up in a musical family with various instruments around the house. He soon became interested in songwriting, by the time he was 13 he was singing and recording himself on every kind of tape machine he could get his hands on.

He played gigs throughout high school and as soon as he graduated, he hit the road playing keys with Atlanta band, Pusher. After two years of “Rock-n-Roll 101” with Pusher and recording a demo with then new producer and engineer, Butch Walker, Danny joined Cadillac Voodoo Choir on keys, vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica, and trombone. They built up a modest national following headlining and opening for hundreds of national and international artists.

In 2005, he started Ameritrash with ex-CVC drummer and friend, Taxi Haskell and David Beeson on guitar. They began writing and performing new material and Ameritrash released “Broken” in 2007. That same year Ameritrash was featured on the first track of a 2 CD compilation called “Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute To Jellyfish.” The compilation did well and was nominated for a grammy.

Danny moved back to Austin in 2012 to focus on writing and recording. He is available for producing, engineering, and mixing at studio 610 or on-location in Austin and the surrounding areas.



Joe seems to be in a perpetually good mood. Tell him your name and he’ll remember it.

There are probably many reasons that you’ll find drums in most piano bars and most dueling piano bars in this country today. One of them might be that in the late 90’s, Joe Resnick brought his drums into the Howl At The Moon dueling piano bar in San Antonio, and soon after, into the Ivory Cat in Austin. That was the start of his ten year run at the Cat, and he’s been performing the piano and drum show with various talented piano players ever since.

Joe is the son of an accomplished violin player in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra who appears on all Motown tracks with strings. Joe also played percussion in the DSO for ten years. He later was a member of Letter O, which had two recording contracts in Detroit before he moved to Austin, TX.

Even though he plays regularly with three different bands, it’s the piano bar show that keeps him on his toes. Joe say the piano players are the ones who present the biggest challenge with their ever changing repertoire.